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This week's episode of Blogger Interviews is with Mandy from Clothes Coquette. I am convinced that this girl looks good in anything. Her style is impeccable (as is her choice of belts!) and her blog is a great read. To introduce you to Mandy, I've asked her a few questions so keep on reading!

How has having a style blog influenced the way you dress?
Blogging has definitely influenced the way I dress especially with regards to the fashion risks I'm willing to take. The most important change for me was learning to remix my closet and feeling comfortable with the clothes I'm wearing. For the longest time I seemed to be buying items that either sat in my closet with their tags or I didn't feel completely myself wearing. I used to have a constant need to buy clothes and that my existing closet was never enough. Blogging has taught me to purchase only what I love as well as be comfortable in myself and what I'm wearing. Instead of letting my clothes wear me, I'm wearing my clothes. Now, when I look in my closet I see an endless amounts of outfits!
What was the last movie you saw and what did you think of it?
I just watched Dogville with Nicole Kidman circa 2003. If you're not a chick flick girl like me and enjoy movies that are a little on the disturbing side, then this one is for you. If not, forget what I just said...
Starbucks or Dunkin?
Dunkin of course! My town seems to be sponsored by Dunkin Donuts, so having one on pretty much every corner helps the obsession.
What is one tradition that you do every year.
I'm all about holiday traditions, so I don't even know where to start! My favorite has to be that every Halloween some high school friends and I carve pumpkins at a local tavern's annual pumpkin carving contest. We started it about 7 years ago and have managed to keep it every single year except for this one. Next year I am forcing everyone to make sure they're available, so we can keep this tradition up!
What is a saying or catch phrase that you say a lot?
"For the love" as in "for the love of God why is this customer really asking me this ridiculous question for the 456th time?" We get a lot of crazy situations at my job, and my coworker actually got me hooked on this phrase. He actually sounds better when saying it, but I won't tell him that...
What does your day normally look like?
I have to admit, my life is generally not super exciting! Normally I get up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, do some blogging, then go to bed. Since I have a cat and pet hair seems to rule my life sometimes, there is usually a lot of cleaning involved when I get home from work. Weekends are a little more interesting as I generally go out a lot either with friends or my boyfriend.Thanks so much Mandy!

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