Style Files: Winter Wonderland

I got my wish. It snowed! I woke up Friday morning to a beautiful snowfall and a big smile on my face.  After doing a little dance I got ready and took the girls to school. Snow really makes me one of the happiest girls ever! I would love to live in the mountains where it snows more days out of the year than not. Cold weather is totally my thing.

Ps you need to see this right away.


  1. Winter is totally my favorite season. I love layering and scarfs and boots and tights. Oh my! Nice coat by the way.

  2. The snow looks lovely! I love the way you mixed the prints, patterns and colors in all of the pieces you're wearing.

  3. Love that sweater! The whole outfit looks so cozy, especially in that snowy forest haha.

  4. these pictures are beautiful.
    i love snow. i hate ice though.
    as always, you are beautiful and i love your layering & mixing of the patterns.
    have a wonderful week love!

  5. that jacket is fab!

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  6. These photos are breathtaking! You do look happy even though you've GOT to be a little bit frozen. Totally dig that coat :)

  7. This is just a perfect snow day outfit. It's cozy as well as cute.
    I'm happy your wish came true.
    xoxo mama wolf.

  8. SNOWWWW. oohh, i love snow. i had my first white new year's last year - i spent the holiday in lake tahoe and it was a winter wonderland! it was breathtaking, i never wanted to leave. ;) too bad it doesn't snow in orange county, lame.

  9. This is definitely the way to do winter clothing. The layering here is perfect as is your coat. The snow is beautiful!!! xx Marisa

  10. snow! lovely layering. :) all the patterns are great! and have i told you that i think your hair is gorgeous? :) so pretty.

    and that video is adorable.

  11. I'm glad you like the snow because I'm wishing it was spring already! Although since your outfit is so cute and winter inspired maybe I will change my mind... The coat is definitely adorable!

  12. hmmm you say cold weather is your thing but I'm not buying it!! I do understand not being a heat person though. Anything above 85 and Im about to die!! It gets up there in the summer here and I sit in a kiddie pool and complain almost as much as I complain about the snow ;)

    also these pictures are beautiful and I absolutely LOVE the kneehighs over jeans!

    And finally I need to send you a list of items from this target you get all your cute stuff at to go shopping for me! hehe


  13. I am totally into winter! Cold weather all the way, dressing for it is the best. I'm dreading summer already (ask me again in march :)

  14. Oh, I love your coat! And your sweater looks so super cozy.
    We're expecting some more snow here as well! And as bad as the clean up for the last storm was, I'm really excited for more snow :)

  15. Haha aw, I wish it would snow here. I'm afraid wishing for it wouldn't work though.

    Anyways, that coat is amazing! I love the color and plaid, it's gorgeous!

  16. lovely blog!



  17. This is such a perfect outfit for a cozy Winter day. I love the snow, too. It's so pretty and peaceful and fun to play in!


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