Guest Blogger: Shy of Chesterfield

I asked Shy, one of my favorite bloggers and friend, to guest post today because (1) She has great style (2) She has great style, and (3) my camera broke. So until it gets fixed I hope you enjoy all the other inspiration I'll be sharing with you this week!
Hello! I'm Shy from Chesterfield. Chaucee asked me to do a guest post on her blog since she is livin it up abroad right now! I know everyone is ready for spring (me included) but here on the Canadian prairies, winter likes to stick around for as long as possible. It seems like there really is no end in sight! Thus I am forced to continue trying to stretch my winter wardrobe against my will. If you happen to frequent my blog I mentioned in my last post that I bought 2 coats for $3 at the goodwill last week. This is the second one. I've gone on a bit of a coat spree because I just craved some variety but I also need to stay warm. I hope my snowy landscape doesn't depress anyone too much! AND a big thank you to Chaucee for letting me do a guest post here!!
dress / coat / bag / boots - thrifted
tights - winners

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