Spring Baby!

Someday I hope to be able to afford all this stuff. I'm going to be one hard working woman to afford this habit! Here's to a Spring 2011 Wish List. If I look at it much longer I might cry. No really, I'll be okay :)
Trends I'm loving:
Lace collared tops, longer skirts
  1. Chambray Button Skirt $50 - My love for chambray has now extended into skirts.  I'm mostly excited about the length of this skirt! It's much more modest than what stores usually sell. The buttons are the finishing touch. Love.
  2. Lattice Sundress $35 - This sundress has everything perfect about it.  I really like the unique double strap and the stunning color.
  3. Modcloth White Tank $33 - I really love the collar detail on this tank top. It adds something special without having to add accessories.  Only add a cute cardigan and rolled up shorts!
  4. Ornament Making Shirt $29 - I wish I had snatched up this top while it was still in stock. Totally love the denim was, cinched waist, and lace detail on the collar.
  5. White Malai Dress $90 - This dress is definitely more on the wish side than the list side, but it's a beauty, isn't it?
Footwear Trends I'm Loving:
Wedge Sandals
This summer I am totally crushing on wedge sandals. I also realized that I don't own a pair of yellow flats! Don't worry, I've already repented : )
  1. Ecote Sandal $39 - These are most like the sandals that are going to work their way into my wardrobe this summer. They're the most affordable :D
  2. Mustard Suede Flats $25 - These beauties are from Target. Where have they been my whole life?
  3. Madewell Wedges $148 - These seaside wedges are just perfection. I love their thick chunky heel at just the right height.  Perfect for every day walking and activity. 
  4. These Top Shop wedges are beautiful but cost a pretty penny - $100!
Trends I'm Loving: 
Paper bag skirts, stripes and polka dots (like always),
Longer skirts
  1. BB Dakota Olive Green Skirt $61 - I'm inspired to make this.
  2. Mourning Hour Denim Dress $22 (on sale, now sold out) - I honestly thought I would never go back to denim tops or dresses, but I really like the pleats and bow on this one! It actually looks pretty lady-like : )
  3. Short Sleeve Pussybow Top $45 - Owning a bow-tied top has been on every season-list I've made, yet I haven't gotten one yet.  Maybe this is the year.
  4. Full Lace Skirt $50 - This is another purchase I should have made before it sold out.  This lace skirt is perfect for the summer and the length is to die for! I love modest skirts!
  5. Tailored Beige Skirt $54 - Again, I love the length on this skirt and I also adore the color. Camel colored clothing really came back this fall and winter and I'm looking to carry the trend over into summer.
  6. Polka Dot Top $28 - I only have one polka dot blouse in my wardrobe. Heresy! 
  7. Striped Arm Tank $36 - I definitely want to put this tank into my wardrobe.  How could I not?
And last but not least is this beautiful paper bag skirt ($70) from Top Shop. I just forgot to include it in one of the collages :D Whoops!

So what's on your wish-list for Spring and Summer?  Any must haves?

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