Israel vs Italy

Wow. I'm so sorry guys. I've really dropped the ball on the whole blogging thing this past week.  I actually did get dressed it something pretty cute but I didn't have the chance to photograph it so here are some pictures of a fence. And some pavement. : )

Wednesday was my 21st birthday. Some friends took me out at night to celebrate and it was a blast!  I also just realized that I come back to the states in a month and a half. I'm actually doing an internship abroad this summer which will either be here in Israel or in Italy. There are pros and cons to both and its making it rather hard to decide. My heart is definitely here in Israel and I'm like 85% sure I'm going to make the move here after I graduate (saving up money now!) so maybe that means I should take the internship with Italy. I've been to both places so its just a matter of deciding which route I want to take.

I could spell out all the pros and cons here but I have a feel most of you don't come here for that so we'll just keep it brief : )

See you next week!

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