Style Files: Up In Tel Aviv

An outfit post, hoorah! A simple one at that, but what can you expect when its really hot outside? (The cardigan definitely came off later on in the day.)

This past weekend I went to Tel Aviv with three friends. Everyone else was on a field study for a class they were in and we were the leftovers :D But we had a blast exploring a new city, sitting on the beach, and enjoying some comfort food (aka American food) at Mike's Place (which is ironically a British pub). I didn't realize how much I missed good french fries until I had some.

This dress is my new favorite. It's the perfect length and has a lot of room in the form. That is really all I want in a dress. All these figure hugging ones just aren't for me. I like some movement!

Hope you all are well!  Please update me on how you are doing in the comments! I've been reading every single one of them even though I haven't responded all the time.  Life is a bit crazy at the moment. Until next time....

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