Daily Life: An Update

This past winter I put together a list of books that I want to read during the summer.  Maybe it was idealistic and pure fantasy that I would ever be able to finish it, but the list is still sitting on my desktop and has gone untouched for a while. This summer I just literally don't have any time to read. But when I do these are the two that I'm digesting (besides my reading for school). I'm quite enjoying both! Has anyone read these two? What are your thoughts?
Since I haven't done an outfit post in ages here are some snippets of my outfit today. The weather is starting to really heat up during the day here (in Israel) and all I want to wear is something easy and breezy. This dress fits the mold perfectly.
 I've also been busy studying Hebrew. My friend here (Sofia) gives private lessons for a good price so I signed up right away. Today I bought some more school supplies so I don't have to keep using my moleskin journal.

Anyways...that's what I've been up to recently. How are you girls? I miss daily posting and catching up with everyone! Please update me in the comments.

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