Finding My Style

With the internet like it is these days it's not hard to find inspiration for getting dressed (however I still haven't found the inspiration to get out of bed to get dressed :D). I think the problem is that now I have almost too much inspiration and too many options. I used to keep a personal style blog as a way to remedy this situation. But I think I started to dress for the blog instead of trying to find out who I really am and how I wanted to represent that.
So I started a new section on my Pinterest called "Finding My Style". I save pictures of outfits that I truly adore. Looking through it I'll see the odd one or two pictures that don't really flow with the rest, and it makes me realize that I still don't really know what I want. This bothers me because I want to find a style that is truly myself. I want to find something and stick with it. I want to start adding pieces to my wardrobe that mean something and that will last a long time.

So my question do you filter your wardrobe? What tips do you have for times when I'm out shopping and I can't decide if this piece is really the "look" I'm going for? I plan on going through my wardrobe when I get home and making some selective choices on what to keep and what gets tossed. I've been mulling over every single piece in my head and I'm pretty excited about making the decisions : ) Here's to a new beginning!

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