Finding My Style: Careful Choices

First off thanks for all your great comments and tips on my post about my journey to finding a personal style. I'm really trying to edit my wardrobe and make it more "me". I think I've chosen to go with a more classic look. I want to stick with staples that I know I always have loved and always will. I may have gone a little crazy in this post with the budget (and obviously I'll be making more realistic choices when it comes to price point) but for the health of this exercise I allowed myself to dream a little bit. 

Read more below to figure out what I'm considering on adding to my wardrobe and what I'm editing out.

First off is the staples of this outfit. I'll describe why I like each item and why I want to add it to my wardrobe.

  1. Black Toggle Coat - To me this coat looks so European chic. I love the large toggles, the extra roomy pockets, the close neck (to keep the wind away), the detachable hood, and the extra flap detail on the cuffs. It's a great color that will go with many things and keep me warm. I also love how it covers the but. That helps to insulate in the winter!
  2. Cream Striped Sweater - I can't remember a time when I haven't loved stripes. After all my last blog was named after them (thanks N.M.!). Whenever I wear a striped sweater or top I feel instalty me and comfortable in the clothing. 
  3. Gap Jeans - I have a bad habit of buying jeans that aren't made of good quality. I have a hard time parting with a lot of money for one piece of clothing and Gap jeans usually require that kind of monetary commitment. But I can speak from experience that it's totally worth it. I've always been satisfied with each of the jeans I've purchased from the clothing chain and I want to edit out the ones I don't wear and keep only a few really good ones that make me look and feel comfortable and great.
  4. Ballet Flats - While I love the way heels look when worn right I'm a university student and heels just aren't realistic. Good quality shoes are in the future for me. 

Now as for the accessories...I might have gone a little crazy here :D These aren't necessary items I MUST have but I wanted to complete the outfit and I love each and every one of them.

  1. Fedora Hat - I am highly aware that the fedora hat made a HUGE comeback this summer. I love the look but I won't be purchasing one because I see the trend fading out again.
  2. Doily Watch - However, something I can purchase is a watch. I started wearing one again the past few months and there's nothing more convenient!  I used to wear them all the time as well so perhaps a smart purchase (or Christmas gift, *wink*) is in the future for me.
  3. Indie Green Wallet  - This adorable wallet just seemed to WANT to be in that bag... :D
  4. Navy Scarf - I will forever be a scarf girl. My collection is already too many to count (mean I need to edit edit edit!) but again, this scarf just needed to be included.
  5. Messenger Bag - I've tried short handled handbags and its just never seemed to suit me. When I'm shopping or running errands I hate the constant up and down of a shoulder bag when I'm bending over or carrying something. Messenger bags will always be a close friend to me. This one has a smart design and a classic one. However, I'll buy something that doesn't have canvas as the material.
So this is where I'm at lately. I'm doing a lot of online browsing and styleboard creating. I want to hone in on my style perfectly before I start adding new pieces in my wardrobe. It's time to learn how to shop smartly. My wallet needs it AND my peace of mind.

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