Keeping It Real

Shall we talk about the hair? I mean I like to keep it pretty real on the blog and this is about as honest as we can GET. Good thing this blog isn't about styling hair because that is DEFINITELY my weak point when it comes to getting dressed in the morning! But this outfit was easy and comfortable. Not revolutionary in any way, but just the way I like it : ) Plus these shoes give me some HEIGHT!
I still have SO much left to do before I leave for college this weekend. I've been applying to jobs like crazy and getting some good leads so I'm pretty hopeful about that. I also recently got the iPhone 4 and now I'm addicted to instagram even though I'm SURE no one gives a crap about every photo I dare to take...the app just sucks you in! I've also been crazy editing the past couple days because I had several senior photo sessions (which I'll be sharing later).

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

Shoes - Target
Dress - a store in Jersusalem
Cardigan: H&M

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