I Found My Curve!

"It's about shape, not size." This is the new motto for the Levi's Curve ID jeans that are taking the denim world by storm. I have to say, I was pretty excited to attend this event because I had been interested in trying the new Curve ID jeans from Levi's and this was the perfect opportunity to test run a pair! So last Thursday I headed down to Philadelphia with my friend Marisa and Taj to attend the Levi's Curve ID Jeans fitting at UPenn and I left feeling way more confident about jeans shopping than I ever have!

When you first walked in you signed in on an iPad and filled out a few questions about your struggle against denim. My problem is that jeans usually fit me in the hips and but, but then are too big in the back of the waist. Then it was time to get measured and paired up with my Curve ID pair of jeans. I was the Demi Curve and let me tell you I was THRILLED with the way they fit. I honestly felt like I was in a pair of pajamas. They were extremely comfortable and looked great! I could hardly believe that the first pair of jeans I tried on actually fit. Craziness.

With my jeans still on I hopped over to the photo booth area to get some pictures taken by their photographer. Then it was over to the make up and hair chairs! I had such a great time talking with the ladies there and learning more about the jeans and how they felt about them.

More pictures after the jump!

Thank you to Levi's jeans for inviting me along and thanks to all the wonderful women who gave me confidence to go jeans shopping again. Head on over to their website to learn your Curve ID!

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