It has been quite a year for me. This year started off with 8 months in Israel (January to August). See posts from Israel herehere, and here. I've learned a lot about my experience abroad and it's shaped me and changed me in ways I wasn't expecting. I learned a lot about love and living on your own in a new culture. It's an experience that has given me a new vision for the future and hope for a life out of the ordinary.

In September I went back to my University in Philadelphia to finish out my last year. As graduation approaches I have a lot on my mind. I can't wait to finish, I'm exited about opportunities, and frightened of the challenges that are in front of me. And while I have a lot of ideas before me, I just truly want one to work out.

Things I've Learned This Year....
Don't be afraid to be strong. Don't be afraid to be on your own and independent. No one can make you happy, people will always fail you. However, invest in relationships, invest in friendships because they are the people who will help make life a little sweeter along the way. Find good people to surround yourself and always know where to find your rest.

Things I want to see for 2012....

  • My photography business bloom
  • Secure the internship I've applied for
  • Apply for a job that excites me and has a vision
  • Work harder with LOVE 146 and use my creativity 
  • Graduate in May 
  • Pay off my debts
  • Apply for the TESOL program
Thank you for those faithful readers who choose to go out of their way to leave a comment on my blog. You girls and guys are simply the best. And for all my "real life" friends who read this regularly (yes, I know you do), get a blog! I'd love to keep up with you too : )

So here's to a great 2011 and an even better 2012 with bigger challenges and higher dreams.
Happy New Year!

{ Here are some of my favorite picks of outfits I've tired to wear with some semblance of style. }

{ And here are some photos from my time in Israel/Palestine...boy do I miss that place }


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