In Which I Wear A Fancy Dress

So you know how I don't like instagram posts? Well I also don't like lugging my camera around with me all the time, so last night it was alllll about the iPhone.

Last night was the last formal event I'm ever attending my University. It also happens to be the first. These things aren't really my style, so I've never gone before, but figuring since it was my last year to go ever, I thought I might as well hash out the cash and sit down for an over priced meal at the most beautiful mansion I've ever seen. Funny thing was that we sat at table 13 on Friday the 13th. Alas, nothing miraculous or tragic happened, but the anticipation was all the fun. Shout out for the mustard dress and coral shoes that made me feel (as they say) bangin'! And then, we called it a night.

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