When I'm In Love

I find that when I'm in love, I'm a much more witty person*. And I say that with a dose of humility (can one administer such dosage to yourself?)  However, the tricky part is to keep that fire alive after 12+ months of dating. Routine and habit and comfort always get in the way. When you already have the hand and the heart, it's hard to keep putting yourself out there in new and exciting ways. That's why it's a privilege to fall in love. And I mean fall. As in, you don't know what's happening or how long it's going to last, but gosh you love learning more about this person and about yourself.  This is what I hope keeps happening to me. The pure joy of knowing someone new. Over and over again. Hopefully with the same person eventually, but until then I'll enjoy the chances I get during this single time of life and hope to learn a thing or two along the way.

*So I guess this means you'll be able to judge whether I'm in love or not if you've managed to read through this paragraph with any sense of pleasure or enjoyment. And if you skipped down to the footnotes (because we all know you do it) then go already and find me a lover!

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