Thoughts of An Almost Post-Grad

So tomorrow is The Big Day.  Graduation. Four faithful years, and I'm finally done! I feel like I should write something pretty epic. You know, to mark the moment. Something I can turn back to in years to come and point to my grandkids how I was feeling and thinking and what I was doing at this important time in my life. But I'm at a loss for words! I wish I had something that could sum up these past four years of my life. I'm a completely different person than I was four years ago. I think broader, I feel deeper, and I read more. :D

It's kind of strange to think that this time of formal education is coming to an end. There's no regrets, and I'm so glad to be finished, but it's almost like what's next? I know those who have already graduated are sitting there smiling and laughing, because it's true that I will figure things out, but I'm at that moment of uncertainty with just a hint of what my life might look like.

I hope I never loose sight of my goals and my dreams. I hope I never get distracted and continue to find ways to improve myself, educate myself, invest in people and relationships, so that I will use my education and my time here in the way that it was meant.

So with that, a few things I hope to never forget.
  • The people you meet and the experiences you have are, in some ways, a far more important part of your education than it's given credit for.
  • There's nothing else like having a Dunkin Donuts within walking distance.
  • Take every opportunity to travel, and to meet people, and to expand your horizons. 
  • Know what you believe, and live what you believe.
  • Have passion, be passion.
  • Be humble.
  • Always be willing to consider other's opinions and be ready to change when you are wrong.
  • Desire the truth, and nothing but.
  • Late nights making memories with friends is worth the extra coffee it takes to get up in the morning. But this rule only applies to the first three semesters. Then you start to get old.
  • Keep your old boxes that you move in with. You're going to need them in a few months when you move out.
  • Stop being so stubborn about being a strong independent woman, and just ask your guy friends to help move out your couch. It will save you two bruised fingers and a bloody toe.
  • Keep calm and relax. Then get some fresh air. It will all be okay.
Of course I could go on and on, but these are a few thoughts that I could type down before rushing off to the next appointment I have today. 

Here's to an amazing four years, and many more to come. The future is bright my friends.

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