Survival Tips, No 1

I'm sure you recognize that these photos definitely weren't taken in Philadelphia. My apologies! But where I go, so does the blog, so I hope you enjoy this little interruption in the regular schedule to bring you some photos of a place filled with snow capped mountains, friendly neighbors, and log cabins. Yes, we are staying in a log cabin!

There are several helpful survival tips I've learned while staying in a log cabin. And because we're friends, I'll share them with you. : ) Number 1, When the cabin has a slight bat infestation issue, get yourself to the nearest super store (30 minutes away) and buy 10 portable air fresheners, 4 super sized candles, two extra-large Febreeze bottles, and hope for the best. Also, wear tons of bug spray to bed because when you pull back the covers you'll find a bug or two waiting to snuggle.

Number 2, don't read in bed with a lamp on. That is, unless you want your fingers to become the perching stool for all the little moths and mosquitos that somehow found their way in past the screened windows. Stick to candles. It burns them up. : )

For those with wilderness experience, leave me more tips below!! More pictures here.

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