Fellow Philadelphians: Margaux and Walter Kent

Margaux and Walter Kent is the couple behind Peg and Awl, a handmade shop that has everything from handcrafted woodwork to canvas bags, leather journals, and necklaces. It's a shop born out of "the handy man artist" and grown with passion and talent. These two Philadelphia artists are doing what they love, and doing it well.

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Margaux and Walter work form their home in Fishtown which doubles as their living space, creative headquarters, wood shop, and photography studio. They work closely with other artists to produce their products, and several of those artisans also spend their time at the house working away at their craft. It's a natural hub center for their lives and their business.
Walter does the woodworking (such as the chalkboard tabletsdesk caddy,and cheese board). He learned from his dad, "Pop"s, while growing up around the shop at home. The Kent home is filled to brim with Walter's creations, from the armorie in the dining room to the wooden swings waiting to be shipped out. His talent and skill developed naturally over the years, also spilling over into oil painting (an interest he developed during his year at home studying in secondary school).
Margaux is also a multi talented artist, working in many mediums. I find that when people are creative and talented in one field, they also tend to be talented in several others as well. While Margaux studied photography and metals in art school, she does a little bit of everything these days and can often be found in her studio on the second floor of their Fishtown home surrounded by leather, hammers, a 1900 book press, and colorful toys to amuse their two boys. Margaux's current project is hand sewing book necklaces for an order from Anthropologie. Her attention to detail and excellent taste has served their business and creative endeavors well, working to keep the focus and quality of Peg and Awl.
While both Margaux and Walter are clearly talented in their own right, they each acknowledge that Peg and Awl wouldn't be the same (and really wouldn't even exist) without the other's talent, dedication, and hard work. Their business relationship is an ebb and flow. One partner picks up where the other lets off, and vice versa. It's a true partnership.

"Treasures for the home, garden, and body built from abandoned materials."

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