Fellow Philadelphians: Swabreen Bakr

Swabreen Bakr authors both iPhotoPhilly and Urbsvox; sites dedicated to featuring Philadelphia creatives and the vibe of the city. We share a common interest and appreciation for the creative people of Philadelphia, as she also regularly interviews and photographs Philadelphia creatives on Urbsvox. One thing I really noticed about Swabreen, having met her for the first time at this interview, was her cool confidence. She was very collected and put together, but still knew how to laugh.
Swabreen started off as a foodie of sorts. She began reviewing restaurant interiors for the Design Consumption column on Phrequency.com. As she moved away from blogging about interiors design, and started immersing herself in Urbsvox, Swabreen started reaching out to creative people in Philadelphia in hopes of interviewing & photographing them for her blog. It started with friends and then evolved from there. One thing she loves about writing content for Urbsvox is that it challenges herself as a photographer and writer. Meeting new people and going to great events are perks too.
What Swabreen loves about Philly is that it teaches you to hussel and to network.  She calls it a "smaller town in a big city" but you need to have the confidence to get out there, meet people, and put your work on the line. You have to trust in yourself; it gets easier over time.  When you work in a creative field you have to be the biggest promoter of your own work. Your work needs to be recognizable and have a cohesive message.
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