Yes, I'm Still Wearing Clothes

If you are just going by my blog to see what I'm wearing, then you could very well be convinced I just hadn't been getting dressed for the past several weeks. Now before we start some nudist revolution (which I may or may not support), please just know that my life has been absolutely insane/absolutely wonderful these past three months and wearing something cute hasn't always been top priority. I've fallen into the routine of just throwing something on instead of actually thinking about it.

And really for a while, taking outfit photos was very hard for me. I had fallen out of the groove, and being in front of the camera made me uncomfortable once again. My job is to take photos, so having the tables turned is kind of a difficult thing to do.
My friend Abby came down for a visit and while it's fun to make new friends and meet new people, there's nothing like the comfort of a familiar friendship. She's also one of the few friends I have take photos for my blog :P
I think I'm in the middle of change. I want to look back on this time in my life and say that I really did something with it. While there's been heartache and nights alone with my thoughts, I'm really starting to feel good about where I'm at. I'm also excited to see my style change. I'm in the mood for something new, something a bit more edgy, something a bit different than what I usually do.
Please excuse the grass stains on the shoes, I'm working on getting those fixed. Any tips? These are the shoes I wore to my sister's wedding (which was outside, in the grass).

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