Fellow Philadelphians: Alina of Aoki Boutique

The fashion scene in Philadelphia has so much to offer. There’s definitely no shortage of up and coming designers, young entrepreneurs, and people with vision. Alina of Aoki Boutique is one such Philadephian.

Alina opened the doors of Aoki (located on 22nd Street between Chestnut and Sansom) four and a half months ago in April of 2012. Her theme for the shop is basically an extension of her impeccably curated wardrobe. “I only wanted to provide pieces that I myself would wear. It wouldn’t be authentic if I did otherwise.”
While Atina was intimated at first to attend trade shows in New York, now she goes all over the place to find garments that will fill her shop and catch the eye of her patrons.

One a day to herself, Alina likes to practice yoga, sit down for some blogging and enjoy a more nature-driven activity. “I do like what an urbanized life has to offer, but I find myself needing to find that balance and get away form the city every once in a while. Last week I went kayaking, and I also enjoy hiking.”
The serene atmosphere and eclectic assembly of clothing, accessories, and home decor items makes Aoki one of a kind. It's conveniently located in Center City and open Tuesday to Sunday, so make sure to stop and say hello!

Aoki Boutique
115 South 22nd Street (between Sansom and Chestnut)
Aoki Facebook

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