I love when great things happen in Philadelphia. I love it even more when those great things are started by your friends! I met Sophie a few weeks ago, and ever since then it's just been a rollar coaster of inspiration. She and her partner Justin-Julius Santos been working hard at the launch of STARDUST magazine and this Friday, October 5th (aka, TOMORROW) a party's about to go down.
Stardust Magazine, Philadelphia’s first fashion art magazine, is set to launch on October 5th, 2012. Designed to inspire a younger generation while encouraging a more mature audience to tap into its essence, Stardust will feature undiscovered local and international talent from the worlds of fashion, art, music, photography, home, design, and culture. The online magazine will be hosted at, bringing together a mix of beautiful imagery and trendsetting talent throughout the site.
The magazine is the product of Justin-Julius Santos and Sophie Cécile Xu, who have a passion for creativity, photography, style, and art. Justin is the owner of Curated Goods and a fashion photographer residing in Philadelphia and has previously lived and worked in Paris and New York. Sophie is a graduate of University of the Arts in graphic design and photography. This dynamic duo will bring style to Philadelphia.
All the cool kids are going to be there, so you know what THAT means. Rubbing elbows with some of the creatives of Philadelphia. SEE YOU THERE.

Stardust Magazine

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