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Ladies and Gentlemen I'd like to introduce to one of the new interns, Lindsay! Next week we'll have a full introduction  but in the meantime Lindsay sent over some work from an awesome event she attended called The Style Off hosted by Skai Blue Media this past Friday. Words and Photography by Lindsay, edited by Streets and Stripes.

This past Friday night, I had the pleasure of attending a “Style Off” event hosted at the Skai Blue Showroom alongside Bel Espirit.  Fully equipped with a great DJ and a room full of creative individuals, the atmosphere was perfect for basking in the stunning collections of the local designers present.

In the midst of warming conversation, guests were able to sift through pieces by Lobo Mau, Shauntele, Caterina Sanchez, Joanna Je Designs and Marina Makaron Moscow. Some pieces were also presented by models, which had been perfectly primped by a board of stylists.

I was especially taken by the jewelry designs of ConcretePolish, founded by the talented Angela Monaco. She prides herself on creating pieces that are “bold and bewitching” while still being wearable and I found them especially charming.

Overall, this event proved to be a very enjoyable and intimate evening among a very motivating cluster of people. There was so much creative energy present that I felt I could almost reach out and grab it.


Photography: Shots by Lindsay Thomson
Edited by Chaucee Stillman (Streets & Stripes)
Words: Lindsay Thomson

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