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Holla, It's December! My favorite month of the year : ) To kick it off, we're launching a holiday gift guide series bringing you new ideas of gifts for the special people in your life. Check back every week for a new gift guide posted!

So your sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend is a blogger.  And the problem is, you just don't know what to get them! It's foreign territory for you, and frankly you'd rather just get them a Target gift card than wrack your brain with this blogging business. Fear not! As a blogger myself, here are some of the things that have made it to my blogging wish list!
1. La Colombe Coffee - First, we have to start out with the essentials. Coffee! It's how we function, it's how we breathe. Philly's very own La Colombe coffee is the perfect way to start off a blogging day.

2. Comfy Pants - It's sad, but true. We pretty much sit around all day and need something comfortable to wear! These leggings from local Philly brand Kembrel have caught my eye. They're stylish and comfortable at the same time!

3. 50mm lens - This lens will up the ante with your blogging friend's photography. With an online publication, photography plays an essential part in presentation, and this lens comes right in at $110!

4. Macbook Cover - We spend a lotttt of time online, so pimping out the macbook is the perfect way to add something extra to the blogging experience. I've had my eye on this laptop cover for ages! It's unique and artistic.

5. Daily Planner - Part of blogging is staying on task. I do this by using an Editorial calendar on the computer, but I still love to carry around a paper journal for when I'm on the go. This cute little pocket journal even has a dock for an iPhone!

6. Blog, Inc. - For those blogging friends just starting out, here is a helpful book to help them figure out their voice, their niche, and their small space on the internet!

So there you have it! Not so hard, right? Bloggies! I'd love to hear what you have on YOUR blogging wish list!

Words by Chaucee Stillman

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