Gift Guide // For Your Hipster Boyfriend (That’ll Turn Him Into a Refined Gentleman)

Photography & Words by Marissa Oswald

Us girls all know that scoring the perfect gift for our boys can be tough. While guys have the power to melt our hearts with flowers, jewelry and chocolate (all of which can be found at 7-11) it certainly takes a bit more thought to excite men. But your hipster boyfriend is even harder to shop for. Not only does he want something manly, but something progressive, socially-conscious and disgustingly stylish

I’ve conquered the challenge of rounding up a list of some of the hippest yet manly holiday gift ideas that also happen to be 100% local, thus supporting small businesses. Added bonus for you: these gifts could turn any hipster boyfriend into a clean, refined, yet ever-stylish gentleman.

1. Cultured Couture Vintage Threads - Kanye West once rapped, “Last birthday, she got you a new sweater. Put it on, give her a kiss and tell her ‘Do better.’” Well Kim K obviously failed to get that sweater from Cultured Couture, a tiny storefront on 7th and Girard that could easily be missed, but contains a bank of the freshest vintage designer finds. From Versace belts and Gucci frames to designer blazers and every color of plaid pants, store owner (and super satorial) Eric will help you find the perfect hipster-priced couture item for your man. Ladies, be wary: you’ll wanna take a look at the selection of women’s vintage finds as well, so load up the pocketbook before taking a trip.
2. Duke & Winston Ties - I especially found the signature royal purple-colored tie appealing. Although the ties retail for $68 while the bow ties retail for $42, they’re made in New York from pure silk twill manufactured in Scotland, making these babies both gift- and gentleman-worthy.

3. Gift Card from The Duke Barber Co. - Gift Cards are usually lame, but this one is an exception. Located in the Piazza, the Duke offers old school (and award-winning) shaves, cuts and whiskey in an ultra-sleek yet classic barbershop setting. Give a little or alot depending upon the unruliness of the bushes on your hipster man’s face!

4. Art in the Age Soap - Sneak some cleanliness into your boyfriend’s stocking with invigorating soaps made from the same stuff that’s in Art in the Age’s famous SNAP, ROOT, RHUBY and SAGE spirits. Ingredients like molasses, natural essential oils, orange peel and sea salt will make your granola man swoon- and make him smell like your favorite Philly-local, handcrafted, micro-batch imbibement.

5. Art in the Age Cocktail Kit - If you really want to show some appreciation, spring for Aita’s Cocktail Kit so your boy can prepare truly locally-sourced, artisan cocktails. The kit includes cocktail-mixing tools made of reclaimed wood by Peg and Awl, ceramics to serve them in by Heirloom Home and Studio and seed packets to grow the finest herbs from the oldest seed company in the country, Landreth Seeds. The whole assortment is served neat in a reclaimed wooden box complete with illustrations by Philly artist Reverend Michael Alan: the ultimate kit of hip yet refined treasures.

Photography & Words by Marissa Oswald
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