Giving Gifts // For Your Sister

Written by Lindsay Thomson

One of the best parts of having a sister close to your age is being able to borrow their clothes, so long as you remember to return them before you spur the next World War... With this in mind, it only makes sense to give your sister gifts come holiday season that you both can enjoy! It also helps that my younger sister and I have a lot of the same interests and tastes, so I've come to know she is more than happy with a pretty piece of jewelry or a new book to curl up with in front of the Christmas tree. If you are more stumped on what to get your sister this holiday, check out my picks below to help give you some inspiration!

1. ABJ Glassworks' Pyramid Display Box - My sister and I both have a sweet spot for pretty knick-knacks such as this one from ABJ Glassworks, which is a Philadelphia-based business run by Ashley on Etsy. All of Ashley's products are beautifully handmade, and this particular jewelry box is eco-friendly, hinged with your choice of silver or copper. Talk about pretty and practical!

2. KNO Clothing's Key Tee - I have been stuck on KNO Clothing's products ever since attending their 2nd Annual Birthday Party last month. All of their t-shirt designs are fresh and creative and make a nice relaxed addition to any casual wardrobe. Not to mention that 50% of KNO's profits help to end homelessness! So with this tee, you can please your sibling and clear your conscience this holiday season in one fell swoop.

3. KAauchelle Sterling Silver Spoon Ring - Philadelphians Morgan Snyder and her husband Keith Ready run another must-see Etsy shop chock-full of beautiful and quirky silverware jewelry. You can rest assured that gifting one of these rings to your sister this season will make all of her friends envious! There are so many different styles to choose from, each one as unique as a snowflake.

4. C. Wonder Shades - The combination of sunshine and bright, white snow can be pretty uncomfortable, so the right sunglasses in winter are a must! All of C. Wonder's eyewear is mega chic and affordable, so you can help your sister win some fashion brownie points without breaking the bank. They have every type of frame from classic to funky on their site, so you are bound to find something that fits your sister's taste. 

5. Mumford & Sons' Babel on Vinyl - Always play close attention to the music you hear your sister listening to throughout the year, because music always makes one of the best gifts for any occasion. Mumford & Sons is a prime example, and can tickle anyone's fancy regardless of their music taste. Pick up a CD at your local bookstore, or think bigger and go dig for it a vinyl copy at any of the record stores on South Street! 

6. Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed - Since starting college and living at school, it's gotten harder to spend quality time with my sister and to have those irreplaceable heart-to-hearts. Cushion the blow with this lovely book on advice for love and life. It is also on the Staff Picks for Philly's own Penn Book Center! 

Regardless of age difference, similar interests or not, your sisterly instincts will help you to find the perfect gift! Follow your gut and don't be afraid you'll be too sentimental. That's what the holidays are about, right?

Written by Lindsay Thomson

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