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Fellow Philadelphian is a feature on Streets & Stripes that highlights talented and creative individuals of Philadelphia.  It’s a company of people that inspire me as an artist, photographer, writer, and human being.  Click here to meet past Fellow Philadelphians.
Meet Theo Constantinou, resident of Philadelphia, and Founder & Editor of Paradigm Magazine, an online lifestyle and cultural publication. Theo started Paradigm in 2011 because he wanted to break the mold of what he was seeing in the mainstream market. Instead he was focusing on original content, not something regurgitated. “Through interviews, videos, pictures and articles, we share with readers the vision, journey, and style of forward thinkers; originators that are continuously shifting the paradigm.”
While Paradigm Magazine is an online publication, Theo’s heart is for print media. “I’m completely enamored and driven to make tangible things.” However, being an online publication has provided a global readership for Paradigm. Readers are tuning it from Moscow, Paris, London, and even Australia!

Theo’s approach to creating content for Paradigm Magazine is a unique one.  It often consists of trips to New York, Moleskines, Polaroid pictures, and simply having conversations. “I’m not an Editor in the traditional sense. I’m more interested in interviewing, photographing and connecting with people, than I am calling myself an Editor.  Let’s just have a conversation and put it out in the world.”
Being a Philly transplant since 2009, Theo isn’t unaware of his surroundings or the affects they might have, but he seems to have found a home here in Philadelphia. “Geography always affects everything. The best thing about Philly, besides the people and the culture, is that it’s a very real city. I find in areas like this, that there is less pretention and less nonsense. The greatest thing to me about Philadelphia is that I can coast under the radar. It’s not a stage like NY, Paris, Tokyo or London. There are people in Philly doing amazing things, and sometimes I feel that most people don’t value this city. Here you can exist beautifully and freely underneath the radar and be appreciated by yourself and others in a way that’s not as politically and money driven as New York. And the rent’s really cheap. I can live in Philadelphia and still create and sharpen my craft.”
Check out what Theo is doing over at ParadigmMagazine.com and make sure to connect on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Support the locals, and support Paradigm Magazine. A publication that’s intentional, uncommon, and quality.

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