J. Hilburn For HyLo Boutiques

Thursday night I decided I had had ENOUGH of work for the day, and wanted to go out.  So I put on my new favorite blouse courtesy of a new friend, and headed to Olde City with some man candy on my arm and my bestie by my side. The Stop: HyLo Boutiques.

HyLo was celebrating teaming up with J. Hilburn, a luxury menswear brand comprised of pants, sweaters, outwear, polos, accessories and suits. They have the quality of Italian craftsman ship with off the racks prices. As Style Advisor Tina DeVita says, "It's luxury within reach."
Say hello to Philly menswear blogger Quentin and Philly fashion blogger Jacqui!
The personalized shopping experience at HyLo Boutiques offers customers precise customization and attentive consultation while picking fabric, cut, and style. While shopping, a trained Style Advisor meets with clients to understand their preferences and walk them through the process of choosing the fabric, taking down custom measurements and making sure the personalized details like cuffs, collars, and pocketing are finished with a flair.

So if YOU have a man in your life that needs a little scrubbing up to do, casually send them the link to this post, and drop subtle hints about Don Draper and George Clooney all in once sentence, and that should do the trick!


Photography & Words by Chaucee Stillman

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