January Goals

I stopped writing New Years resolutions about 6 years ago and haven't looked back since. What seems to work for me is baby steps. So one thing I'd like to write into the schedule of Streets & Stripes is sharing those mini goals in hopes they might inspire you to take steps every day to living the life you want to lead, whether big steps or small.

So for January, here's a list I want to accomplish by the time February rolls around.

Make a pie.
Get up to speed on all the posts in drafts.
Publish another Fellow Philadelphian.
Start going on walks with Jonifin.
Try to keep a nice manicure for more than 3 days.
Schedule time to read books during the day.
Be faithful with creating mini To-Do lists each day.
Have a self-pamper day.

Some of these are simple, some are going to be harder for me to incorporate, but I wanted to stay small so I can accomplish what I start out to do.

Photography by Jonifin Marvin
Words by Chaucee Stillman

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