Sea of Bees Jewelry

I was browsing through the Jewelry section of Big Cartel the other day and came across Sea of Bees Jewelry. I had seen Stephanie's work before, but this time I got lost in it. Specifically lost in a Woodland Fantasy while making my way to the Lux Frontier.

Seeing shops like Sea of Bees makes me re-evaluate my whole jewelry collection. That is, if you can call my tiny rag-tag assortment a collection at all. These "wearable art statement pieces" really are one of a kind. And the best thing is that they're totally affordable! The chipmunk ring is only $15, and the Bison Locket ring only $32! I believe I have a birthday coming up soon....good thing I live by the philosophy to treat yo self!

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Words by Chaucee Stillman
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