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One thing I love seeing in Philadelphia is up and coming artists.  Artifaekt is a hand designed and crafted jewelry collection made by Claire Elaine, featuring pieces inspired by sculptural concepts that are held together by a common theme.  Her inspiration is to bridge the two worlds of fashion and art to create something unique and intrinsically beautiful.

"I am all sorts of things, but above all I am a jewelry designer. Making jewelry is what I'm good at, what makes me happy and what I want to do for my career. Over my life I have dabbled in many different things, from singing to painting to studying different languages. It wasn't until several years ago though that I tried my hand at sculpture and jewelry that I knew I had found what I really wanted to create in life. It was a strange sensation and if any of you have ever had an epiphany as to what you were meant to do you'll understand the sort of welling of emotions I experienced when creating my first pieces. It's almost not enough to say I feel particularly fortunate to have been able to find my path so young." - Claire
Custom designed wedding bands! 

After launching Artifaekt in 2011, Claire's designs have been featured in Spirit and Flesh Magazine and her designs are catching the eye of the fashion and art industries. In order to keep up with the growing demand and high volume of business, Claire has turned to Kickstarter to help launch her new collection. "There are so many costs that go in to creating a jewelry line, prices of metal are astronomical, sourcing ethically is expensive and the equipment needed to do it is not what you would call dainty. By making any level of donation, you make it possible for me to obtain the materials needed to invest in the new line of jewelry and expand the collection as a whole." - Claire

For those who believe in Claire and choose to join her with the Kickstarter Campaign, there will are some pretty nice rewards!  Not only will you be investing in someone in our community, but you could also get some great swag as well! So head on over and check out what's in store. Also make sure to check out her website which features her different collections (my favorite is the Power of a Super Kind Collection).


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Words by Chaucee Stillman
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