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Every good fashion blogger needs a great photographer standing behind them, or well, in front of them. While I (Chaucee) provide most of the photographic content on Streets & Stripes, there's something that I just can't do without some help. And that is take photos of myself for the weekly style posts. For a little while now there's been a man who's been absolutely essential in creating content on Streets & Stripes, and I'd love to take a moment to introduce you to one of my favorite Fellow Philadelphians, Jonifin Marvin!

Jonifin has been doing photography for over 5 years. He started out as a film student at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. During his studies he took a photography class and his interest was piqued. He started out with a black and white film camera which he brought along to family gatherings and other events to start shooting. After scoring a gig work for HBO, he found that he couldn't put the camera down.

When I asked where he liked to shoot in Philadelphia he gave an interesting answer. "I like to shoot at places that most people would forget to shoot."  I've also noticed that Jonifin is inspired by the urban setting.  He loves shooting scenes with cobblestones, bricks, train tracks, overpasses, etc. 

One of his favorite shoots he's worked on was a Dada inspired photoshoot

"My favorite project was the Dada inspired photo shoot. Dada is an abstract art genre, where artists from the early 1900’s used a lot of ready-made material and crafted it into art. They used what was around them. It wasn’t a widely accepted genre, but it’s a style of art I enjoy working in. I worked with a designer who was also passionate about the Dada genre, and together we worked to create three different looks."
His equipment of choice is a purist choice.  For photography he shoots almost exclusively with a Canon 50mm lens. For video he also shoots with a 50mm lens, but this time he prefers Nikon (attached with a converter ring). His camera of choice is the Canon 60D.

Below are some images from my favorite shoot.

Jonifin and I have been working together since November and when I asked him to tell me some of his favorite images from past shoots these are the ones he picked!

These images are from these posts: Reading RainbowRags & Thread GiveawayAn Old PhiladelphiaFrankford St9th Street.


You can check out more of Jonifin's work on his Facebook page and keep up to date with what he's working on next on his Twitter page.

Thank you SO much to Jonifin for all the behind the scenes work he's doing for Streets & Stripes! It's been an absolute joy working with him and the talent and thought he puts behind each shoot makes the stunning images you see here on Streets & Stripes!Things just wouldn't be the same without him.

Photography by Chaucee Stillman
Words by Chaucee Stillman
First published on www.streetsandstripes.com

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