From Paris With Love

I normally don't feature many lookbooks on Streets & Stripes, but when I see such strong photography I just have to pass along such beautiful visuals. Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite retailers, and for their Pre-Fall lookbook they teamed up with Sweedish photographer Lina Scheynius for images that capture those last days of summer before the air decidedly turns crisp. Light layers, a variety of prints and colors, warmer sweaters, and edgy boots make this lookbook the perfect inspiration for transitioning from warm sunny days to cool chilly nights.

The thing I love about this shoot (beside the fact that it's shot with 35mm film) is that it's not obviously Paris. Such an infamous city can easily become overdone, but these images capture what a 20-30 something year old might be doing with their last days of summer fun - hanging out on rooftops, playing in fields, and visiting the movie theatre.

Photography by Lina Scheynius for Urban Outfitters
Words by Chaucee Stillman
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