Fall Knitwear

My favorite season has finally arrived : ) The weather has officially turned brisk here in Philadelphia and I'm looking at my sweater and cardigan collection and it's needing a little love. So here are some cardis that I'm loving lately!

  1. Drapy Striped Cable Cardigan - $69 This is a great classic, cosy cardigan. Perfect for running errands or staying at home. 
  2. Long Line Cardigan in Lurex Leopard - $59 What I love about this cardigan is the structure it provides. If you're looking for a piece with some definition, this is the piece for you.
  3. Ash + Rain Sweater -$128
  4. BDG Rolled Open Sweater - $59 In my head, I picture an artist in New York wearing this sweater while on her way to morning coffee before arriving at the studio. I love the simplicity of the heather gray and black and the rolled sleeves.
  5. Staring At Stars Mystical Open-Front Cardigan - $79 Everyone has to have an absurdly large cardigan in their collection. It's like wearing a snuggie, but 100 times cuter and a lot more flattering. I love this tribal print!
  6. Ecote Intarsia Pullover Sweater - $59 A good pullover sweater is a must. It's great to get a classic pullover like this one, but for Fall it's fun to play with colors and textures and this sweater is a must!
  7. Coincidence & Chance Double-Breasted Cardigan - $118 Wear this cardigan with a pair of your favorite leggings, and some cute black boots for a sleek, casual look.
  8. Morocco Knit Cardigan -$68 I have a similar cardigan to this one and it's really the perfect transitional sweater. It's just enough coverage without being too hot on those warm fall afternoons.
How do you like to wear your cardigans?

Words by Chaucee Stillman
First published on www.streetsandstripes.com

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