She's Got Dynamite Style

Last Thursday was the in-store Dynamite event at the Cherry Hill Mall where shoppers were treated to 25% off their entire purchase and one on one attention from the Dynamite team and myself. I had a blast hanging out with the girls, and spending some time in the fitting room (I can't wait to share what I picked!).

One great deal that I couldn't pass up and HAVE to share with you is, if you head into a Dynamite store now and ask for their holiday lookbook, inside is a coupon that saves you 50% off your entire purchase when you shop with a friend, from December 2nd to the 12th. C'mon guys....50% off! I'm saving my pennies and heading back in a few weeks to check out their new styles and save half of what I might have spent on clothes!  So who wants to be my plus one?

Words by Chaucee Stillman
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