Welcome Home

Photos & Words by Lindsay Thomson
It is almost inconceivable to me that it is already December, but you won't find me complaining! This time of year always makes for magical happenstances, and I am so delighted to be reunited with Christmas and the season of giving. Of course, one of the greatest parts about the holidays is the music! Whether you plan on traveling somewhere, spending time rekindling with your family, or making new traditions of your own, I invite you to listen to this little mix of my favorite Christmas songs.

Here you'll find the classics, as well as a few contemporary tunes mixed in. It includes songs to make the perfect backdrop for a holiday party, as well as some softer ones with which to curl up in front of the fire. I also couldn't help but throw in the Charleston as a nod to my favorite movie to watch every Christmas Eve, It's A Wonderful Life. Wherever the holidays take you this year, I hope that you all can find a little bit of home and warmth in these songs. Seasons greetings!

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