#LAGOSInspired Meeting Of Philadelphia's Creative Minds

It's easy to stay in your own creative bubble. But there's something to benefit from collaboration and  stepping outside of your own mind. The creative scene is unique and diverse in Philadelphia. We can inspire each other, collaborate with one another, and create something beautiful for our city.

Last night Rakia Reynolds of Skai Blue Media brought together some of Philadelphia's top creative minds and innovators to talk inspiration over dinner and wine at R2L hosted by LAGOS. Here are some of my favorite "sound bites" from last night.

I think those sum up the night pretty well. Let's not forget each other (artists). Let's not forget that while we are all trying to make a living with our art, we all belong to the same mantra of thought by creating to breathe, exist, experience intimacy, and live. I'm looking forward to working with more Philadelphia artists.

Here's the group of find fellows & ladies who met over dinner last night.
Bela Shehu @belashehu
Sabir Peele @mensstylepro
Emily Goulet @EmilyPHLMag
Beka Rendell @bekrarendell
Cory Wade Hindorff @coryw4de
Rakia Reynolds @SkaiBlueMedia
Aaron Pierce @DieProper
Cortney Cohen @thegeishahouse
Denise Fike @DeniseFike
Kate Leshko @TechnicallyPHL
Drew Ginsburg @dylanlex

Thank you to R2L for providing the perfect backdrop of creative discussion, and for Rakia Reynolds and LAGOS Jewelry for bringing us together and making it happen.

*Please excuse the iPhone photos!

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