Pretty Simple: June

Last month I challenged myself to de-clutter and go to bed when I'm tired. The whole self-assigned bed time was the hardest. Sometimes 10pm-1am are the only hours in the day that I get to do whatever I want (read: watch Netflix). But that habit left me tired and hangry (and late night snacking is not cute). One thing that helped me get to bed when I should was doing simple things like starting my nightly routine (makeup removal, etc) earlier in the night and keeping the lights low.

For June I want to focus eating breakfast in the morning and having the first book club meeting. Yup, I started a book club (hoping to reach nerd status level 2 by this July). Really it's just an excuse to get together with my closest girl friends, drink wine, discover new books (we're each taking turns suggesting one) and talking until our breath turns bad.

What do you hope to accomplish in June?

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