3 Books To Read This Spring

Happy first day of Spring! If you're looking forward to lazy days at the park then we're definitely on the same page. 

Below are three books that are great for reading in the Spring. I was going to suggest more recent novels, but I didn't want to recommend books I haven't read. So here are three that I've read at least once (maybe twice!) and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

If you're looking for your next adventure, live it through Salma's journey as she returns to her country she left long ago.

"As Beirut exploded with the bombs and violence of a ruthless civil war in the ’80s, a nine-year-old Salma Abdelnour and her family fled Lebanon to start a new life in the States. Ever since then— even as she built a thriving career as a food and travel writer in New York City—Salma has had a hunch that Beirut was still her home. She kept dreaming of moving back—and finally decided to do it."

The Happiness Project is the perfect book to read if you need to do a little "spring cleaning" in your life. Sometimes the simplest changes in your everyday life can affect your overall satisfaction and contentment. For me this book was an encouraging, easy read. Great for a sunny day at the park!

While this book received some controversy after it came out I really admire the strength and wit that Lena Dunham writes with in her memoir Not That Kind Of Girl. It encouraged me to fight back on stereotypes, never stop dreaming and learn to be okay with who I am as a woman. It's hilarious, sad, shocking and honest. It's definitely a book you won't want to put down.

What are you reading this Spring?

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