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I hope you're not tired of hearing about Seattle quite yet! But just in case this is my last post about my recent trip to the west coast. After 10 hours of travel and plane delays, I finally arrived in Seattle on a late Wednesday night famished. Our first stop was to Plum Vegan Bistro, an all vegan restaurant right in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

We ended up dining at Plum Vegan Bistro twice while in Seattle. For dinner I started off with a pear and arugula salad topped with balsamic dressing, walnuts and soy ricotta. For the main course I ordered the Oyster Mushroom Fettuccine with kale, seitan, parsley and garlic. We also ordered a side of their spicy cajun mac 'n cheese because apparently one pasta dish isn't enough for me. I decided on the Seattle Cider Company's Semi-Sweet Cider to sip on throughout the meal which was incredibly refreshing. Despite being stuffed to our eyeballs in deliciousness, we ordered the Chocolate Pear Gallette for dessert which was served warm with cardamon cream and pistachio chocolate bark topping. I was in a full fledged food coma by the end of the night.

Before leaving Seattle we knew we had to go back once more, this time for brunch. I ordered the Veggie Slam consisting roasted portobello mushrooms on top of an english muffin with cheesy potato cakes, sautéed spinach, grilled asparagus and pesto. 

This meal, accompanied by freshly juiced grapefruit mimosas was the perfect way to end an incredible trip.

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