A Tuscan Wine Tour

While in Italy we took a break form the city for a bike ride and wine tour through the Tuscan countryside. While part of me was just focused on getting up those hills (beautiful for photos, but challenging to bike when all you've been eating was pasta the past week) the rest of me was focused on the wine and cheese that soon awaited us at the Le Piazzole Villa.

The views are as beautiful as you'd imagine them. Below are photos of the gardens at the Renaissance villa where we stopped to refuel on local wine and creamy cheese.

Our guide Kayla gave us the inside scoop on how local winemakers practice their craft, drawing on generations of experience. And after two glasses of wine, the rest of the bike ride was a breeze! 

If you can also identify with being highly motivated by wine and cheese and don't mind drop dead gorgeous views of the Tuscan countryside definitely hit up We Like Tuscany Tours and ask for their Taste of Tuscany tour! It's a ride you don't want to miss.

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