At That Moment

There are times when I really do enjoy being alone. Today was one of them. I drove back from home this morning taking the long way through all the quaint little towns and enjoying all the quirky people along the way (as well as the bad drivers). For the most part it was a rainy drive, but towards the end it tapered off. So I decided to head out to a local park before going to my next class.
I love how green everything is in the beginning of Springtime.  It's only that much better after a fresh bout of rain.  It was fun to take my books, journal, and camera along on a quiet walk.  The only other people around were those who had been in love for most of their lives and are now enjoying growing old together. I like being in that kind of company.  It gives me hope in mankind.
Despite the frigid weather, I was able to jot down a few thoughts and take some quick pictures.  After a week + of not even touching a camera it was nice to get back into the habit.  Even though I feel a bit hesitant each time I put pictures up on Streets and Stripes because I am by no means a professional, I still enjoy being the amateur that I am just seeking to remember life at that moment the shot is taken.  I can only hope for that.


  1. the first two shots are GORGEOUS. oh my word, those trees! breathtaking.

  2. ah, sounds like a nice time. i like doing things by myself, too. especially long(ish) drives. love the first and fourth picture especially.

    p.s. hi chaucee!


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