Blue Bubbles

So you probably think I have white tights on in these pictures, but no....that's really how white I am! I always reassure myself that not tanning now will guarantee me great skin in the future, and I cling to that!!

These pictures are from the first day of Easter break from school.  It's sooo good to be home and able to do laundry again!  I am so tired of living in a dorm.  Hopefully next year I'll be living in an apartment : )

Now onto the outfit...this "skirt" is actually a dress.  I just folded it down and wore a belt to make sure it was cinched in place.  I love the fun, bright pattern on this dress and I'm so glad I'll have it for Spring! Someday it will be another appearance on here as a full on dress : )

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Tank: Target
Shoes: Target
Belt: Old Navy
Bobby Pin: Prismera Design

I hope you guys are starting to be encouraged that you don't have to shop at expensive places like Anthropologie or Free People to have a cute outfit.  Look at the store that I list every day, and you know that I'm on a student's budget.  But I love it!  It's a challenge every day to create something new and fun out of the wardrobe I have. I hope you are enjoying the process too :)


  1. I love this outfit! It's so fun and veryyy springy!

  2. i LOVE long, long cardigans... so cozy. :)


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