The Dog's Breakfast

Yes, it's true. I'm as sick as a dog. But I just wanted something to do while lying here in bed and thought I would share with your some delicious photographs.
This morning I happened to stumble upon The Dog's Breakfast via another blog I follow and was completely smitten.  It's a food blog kept up by Rob Lee and David Rollins along with their dog Max.  Seeing these pictures makes me realize how bad the University's food really is. I miss home-style cooking.


  1. i do NOT miss university food. gross :P i want everything in those photos! mmmmmmm!!

    feel better :(

  2. Hello! I've stumbled onto your blog because I was really captivated by your blog title! Stripes are my obsession, so I simply must add you to my reading list:)


  3. Well thanks for stopping by Sher! My friend Nicole came up with the title so she must have all the credit : )


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