Photography: Sister Pictures {Taken by Brealyn}

I am SO sorry that this post must appear vain, but I've run entirely out of pictures of other people and only have these ones that my sister Brealyn took of me one afternoon. I just want to give her props for taking something normal and making the pictures look so great! I hope you know how uncomfortable it is to fill a post with pictures of just yourself, so please bear with me for the next couple of minutes!

The rest of the pictures are after the cut!

...see I just had to post this one.  This is my natural reaction to getting my picture taken. 
(Sorry about the gum :D)
All of these pictures were taken by my sister Brealyn.

Just a quick update...I'm still feeling a bit sick, but slightly better.  I hope to go out and take some photos with a friend today so I'll have some more to post soon.  Without any photos I'm not sure what the post! :D


  1. These are beautiful!! Your sister did an amazing job. I'm sorry you're feeling a little sick :( But spring is here!! There's no time to be sick! You're supposed be frolicking outside! :)

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  2. ok, so i have been trying to figure out who you remind me of, and i cannot think of who it is exactly! it may be someone famous... or maybe it was someone i knew once? haha, i don't know, you just remind me of someone! it's so funny... i'll figure it out one day, i will. ;)

    SO PRETTY. <3

  3. What a great photo of you! I am so glad you decided to post it!


  4. it's beautiful. you should post more of you.


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