Easter Take Two

So today is the last day of Easter break. We're making the road trip back to University and back to homework and dimly lit dorms. But I have some good news! I made it into the apartments on campus, so next year I'll have a bigger place to live and a fridge to store food in!

This morning I'm going out with a friend for breakfast and then finding something fun to do : ) I woke up super early this morning (7:30am, yikes!) because of the skylight that is about 4 feet above my head. Maybe when I get back to my dorm room that has only one fading light I'll be able to finally sleep in! :P

Yesterday was Easter (as you know) and we spent it with my Dad's side of the family. Instead of hunting this year I helped hide the eggs. I had my fill of hunting for eggs at our other Easter celebration on Friday so don't feel too bad for me : P

Well I hope you all enjoy your Monday. I wish I had some more exciting news to report, but I do not, so please excuse this poorly worded post : )

Ps - This is the first of a string of posts with some pictures from Easter.

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