Photography: The Important Things

I should do this more often. I think it's really good to get away and remember what's going on in your life and what are the important things.  It's so easy to get caught up in a sequence of events.  Life is painful but it's also filled with joy. And it's times like these that I remember that.


  1. (don't you love how i totally bombard your blog with comments all at once? ;))

    i'm not going to lie, i wish we lived close to each other - i need more photography buddies to go shooting with! it's so much fun when you have another photographer who appreciates the little things, too... like tree stumps and moss and leaves on the ground. :)

  2. ((yes I love how you bombarded me with comments :D you're the best!))

    I need more photography buddies too. Mostly I just need people who aren't afraid to be photographed. If you're ever on the east coast come say hi!


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