So I Guess This Means I'm Rad : )

Last night I had a really hard time focusing and doing homework. It's just SO much more appealing to go to Wawa with my suitemate and stay up talking about past romances! So that is why today I am cramming in a few papers before going to Barnes and Noble to look at this book. I've been wanting to see Coco Before Chanel for such the longest time which has sparked my interest in that particular book.
Like always, I have a summer reading list I'd like to get through but with the impending road trip this summer (and my ability to get sick in a car even WITHOUT reading) I doubt I'll make it through the list. Perhaps when I'm older and retired I'll finally be able to complete a reading list! Remember back in the day when Pizza Hut would offer you a free pizza if you did their book club?  What happened to those days?!
On another note, my friend Kelly added me to her rad list! Kelly is just the coolest girl and I can tell you're going to love her blog just as much as I do. You can read my interview here.


  1. I would love to read that book, still haven't seen the movie. These are really lovely pics of you!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  2. I found your blog via Kelly Ann. Love your blog! xx

  3. I loved the Pizza Hut reading thing!! Especially since Pizza Hut was the only pizza joint in my town back then...hehe.

    My gosh girl, you have the cutest dimples!!


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