Tonight I'd Rather Be...

Tonight is just one of those nights when I would rather be feeling a breeze in my hair, sitting by the pond, and laughing with friends.  Instead, I'm inside watching Ugly Betty re-runs while working on some homework (well more of the former than the later :P).


  1. Lovely photo!
    I feel the same way. I live in Australia so it isn't 'tonight' yet, but it'll be Friday night and I'll be exercising and watching tv shows and... sitting.

    A pond with breeze would be nice.

  2. i agree! i'd rather be taking a bike ride than grading this stack of papers...

  3. Gosh, I'm pretty sure studying always loses to the option of doing anything else!

  4. Found your blog through Kelly Ann's feature, it's lovely!

  5. Love this picture! I totally can relate on this feeling. shake it off, shake it off!


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