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This sickness is really taking it out of me, and I finally found out why...I either have strep throat or a sinus infection (yikes!).  I'm hoping it's the later rather than the former, especially since finals are coming up soon and I have so many projects to finish!  Thankfully all of my professors have been so understanding with everything.  But that only makes me want to work even more to get things done!
However, I'm trying to stay positive about the whole thing and I hope to get better soon. I picked up some antibiotics prescribed by my doctor this afternoon and I hope they will get me to feeling better in no time. I appreciate all your kind comments! They make me feel so much better on days like these : )
Also I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Claire who sent me the sweetest email the other day and just lifted my spirits. I truly appreciate all who read this blog (55 of you to be exact :D) and I love getting emails and comments from you all.  It's really cool to know that when I put my life out on the line to be seen, that people are responding in encouraging and nice ways. Please keep on leaving comments so I can check out all your cute blogs!

By the way...these pictures are of what I would rather be digesting rather than all this medicine.  Here's to health!

One, two, three


  1. oh yuck, strep throat is awful! well, both are awful, but strep is definitely the worst of the two... yikes. i hope you don't have that. :( feel better!!

    i'm craving cupcakes now.

  2. i have a cupcake fetish....this post made my day! Thanks!

  3. I hope you feel better soon! I used to get strep throat all the time. :(

  4. feel better! eat lots of cupcakes :-)


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