Tournaments Hurt Your Toes

Today was a good day.  We had the intramural volleyball tournament here at the University.  My team did really well and I had a blast playing with them!  Hopefully the university will do this some tournament over again.

Now I'm off to finish Coco Before Chanel (I fell asleep last night when I was trying to watch it) with Ellen and then do some homework.  What are you up to tonight?


  1. Hey, I was just letting you know that I'm tagging you in my "Looks I Love" Sunday post! Hope it's okay :]

  2. i love the photo of the orange cone... the coloring and the grungy feel of it is so cool.

  3. Aw thanks Amanda! I'll be sure to check it out : )
    Kelly - yeah I love that photo as well : )


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